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DairyCare for Lactose Intolerance

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"I wanted you to know how thrilled and awestruck I was at using this lactose intolerance product. It really does work! I have tried so many other things and have had minimal success. This is 100% successful - 100% of the time! You can't ask for better than that! Thank you so much for making such a fantastic product!"

"I wanted you to know how delighted I am with DairyCare. We have given information about it to our son, several clients and friends, and others."

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One Dose A Day

Just one capsule each morning to enjoy your  favorite dairy products all day long.

No Side Effects

Feel confident taking DairyCare and enjoy your daily activities.

All Natural

Wheat and Gluten Free with no synthetic additives.

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About Dairy Care

DairyCare™  Lactose Intolerance Digestive Supplement is the only single dose digestive supplement for Lactose Intolerance which provides consumers with sufficient lactase enzyme replacement for 24 hours, and without any side effects.

DairyCare™  implants live Lactobacillus Acidophilus cultures onto the cells of the small intestine.  These cultures enable the body to breakdown lactose sugar without discomfort or side effects.  The active ingredient, Lactobacillus Acidophilus has been used in foods in the United States for over 100 years.  There has never been a side effect reported from its use, regardless of frequency or duration of use. Importantly, only this product system enables the consumer to take just one dose per day for 24 hour protection without side effects.

In the New York Consumer District Test Market, the Company sold over 2.6 million capsules without a single consumer complaint regarding side effects or efficacy. DairyCare™ offers numerous advantages over existing brands including longer duration of action, single use dosing, absence of side effects or drug interactions, and increased efficacy at a lower cost.

In addition to ordering online DairyCare is also now available at:

  • ShopRite – 145 Monmouth Rd West Long Branch, NJ 07764
    (732) 542-5222 NEW!
  • Dean’s Natural Foods, 1119 Highway 35  Ocean, NJ 07712
    Telephone Number 732-517-1515 NEW!
  • Archbold Super Valu Foods, 1925 South Defiance Street, Archbold, Ohio.
    Telephone number: 419-446-9233NEW!
  • Rumson Pharmacy  22 W. River Road  Rumson, NJ 07760
  • Harmon Stores:  Midstate Mall 300 Rte 18  E. Brunswick, NJ 08816
    Telephone Number: 732-613-3129
    Edison, NJ at 732-287-0106 (Check with your local store)